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Wow, Friday the 13th hit like a sledgehammer with a full day of most of the team troubleshooting. While it provided a fairly intense but complete training camp, it wasn't what anyone had planned. And since several of the (as yet apparently unrelated) issues were with our Australia data center, i'll be working Monday afternoon.

Yay. Not.


So i feel very dull. (All work and...) Christine is back east and Facetime has been a successful way to keep in touch so far. I did spend some of the evening madly trying to arrange the deck after the chaos wrought to make room for painters. New places for plants: we'll see how it works out. I'm trying to decide if i want to use the cut off tool for the Dremel or a hacksaw on a wire shelf to replace where a wood shelf disintegrated (not rot, but warping and splitting). This is years and years after the fact, and the chaos has been an opportunity to sweep corners and evaluate garbage and such.

I pruned back some of the wider lemon tree branches, totally cut back one scented geranium (if it doesn't survive, so be it). Somehow, i need to bring myself to abandon some of the plants. It's not really in my nature! But i'm wanting to be more intentional.

So, Meeting stuff, deck - and if i were to get out, i'd want a high tide photo in the baylands, maybe a junket to Edgewood, a book to pick up at the library....

Although, i could probably just tidy all day.

There's part of me that wishes i'd headed off for the extremely low tide (but i'll be doing that next month) or for the burn area in the Sierras. Yet what i think i really need is the sort of rest that comes from putting some things at rights at home.

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