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Yesterday the discomfort i had kept me home from Meeting for Worship. The blessing was that i was home and could talk to my sister when she called, distressed about the dynamics of living with our parents (our mother, really). She let me know when she & her spouse were planning to talk to our parents about their plans, and i gave her much support and a little advice. The advice was to trust her spouse's judgements about the family dynamics: we are too enmeshed in the dysfunction, too susceptible to my mother's manipulations.

I showed up for Meeting for Business and the room was too hot. I gave the Nominating report, there was some consternation, and sweat dripped down my back and along the backs of my knees. Someone had a concern (that i think was essentially a pointed lecture to me about mispronouncing their name) and i was in tears. I don't know how much was the heat, the discomfort from the morning, knowing my sister was confronting my mother.... I sobbed in the car as i left meeting and stopped at a fast food place for an icy slushy.

I think the heat got to me.

And this is surprise heat: ten degrees warmer than what was predicted. Last night the weather service was predicting today to be "much cooler," but just now, "Today is forecast to be NEARLY THE SAME temperature as yesterday." I'm not sure why the weather service has failed in these predictions when on Friday the power company knew to call Monday as a power flex day. (We agree to reduce our power load 2-7 pm on called days in exchange for lower rates during the rest of the year.)

No one has identified my DYC for me on Flickr or iNaturalist: i feel indignant. What is it!?! I will email a botanist who lives where i found it at the end of the week: http://www.inaturalist.org/observations/725036

All afternoon Christine and i watched When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions, because it had become too hot (and we hadn't done the appropriate cool and shut down to keep the place cool). (The outside blinds are down for the painting.) When the sun headed down it was cooler outside, so we sat by the pool and i got the laundry started. Oh, i miss sitting on the deck!

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