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Had a weird encounter with what felt like mansplaining last evening, although the impetus seemed to come from from an lack of confidence coupled with a sense of responsibility. The plant ID gathering was "canceled" but the new folk attending were welcomed by the greeter. The woman with whom i'd attended the asteraceae class was there with her microscope and dissection kit, and i had my kit as well.

The constant interruptions of my friend and i were perplexing, but as time went on, i acknowledged awareness of the challenges of using a key and sympathy with those who don't want to start there. Then the person talked about how they struggle with nomenclature and various other aspects of botanizing, and i reflected back just how i did understand why it was hard -- and then i think he relaxed a bit.

It was a less focussed gathering, but pleasant -- and i actually handed out bumble app business cards. I did it! Yay networking! It actually felt sort of natural as we were talking about patterns of learning. The greeter let me know that botanists will not like the approach we're taking, and so i sense a certain dynamic of how-to-know is probably at work in the local chapter.

Dear Botanists, i played with Physicists. Pfft, your academic posturing doesn't intimidate me. Me

Also, just in listening to the true academics in the two classes this month, i find them more humble in the face of identification methods than the Jepson-Is-My-Bible evangelists might portray.

"People are interesting in how differently they face learning challenges," i understate.


I slept poorly awakening in the flood of night sweats and then with a strange pain in my foot if i moved it. ("Everything you need to know about throbbing foot pain at night, including common uses, side effects, interactions and risks." Erm, no thanks.) I'm thinking it was more like a charley horse in the foot than anything distressing, and stood and flexed for a bit to recover.

This morning i have read the internet and watched cute critter videos.

Have some must dos i'm avoiding.

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