E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Woke far too early this morning, worrying about work things (mainly an ongoing failure to complete responsibilities to my staff).

Reading through folks lives, i remember there are other issues that deserve care and Light.

I hold up my fallibility, our human fragility, our broken hearts and remind myself of the four gifts i rely upon: grace, courage, support and wisdom. May we all experience the grace and support we need, and be supplied with the courage and wisdom to move through our day providing grace and support to others.

I did have a happy discovery when reading my RSS feeds yesterday. Stanford's art museum, the Cantor, is sponsoring a landscape photography workshop at Jasper Ridge, an area with fairly controlled access. It's just $10. It will be on the summer solstice, so in this dry year there may not be that much in bloom, and i'm no grass expert. I will, however, try to remember what the images are that one needs in identifying grasses before i go.

Tags: thesituation, thesolution

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