E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

(Started this morning at 5:49 am)

So not ready for work today.

I have take care of some email correspondence this morning for Meeting and for my networking, writing the author i drove to the seaweed workshop to decline a Friday shindig at the archive i worked at some years ago and writing the ecologist to confirm a Friday picnic before we go to the native plant identification gathering.


And home, after a fairly decent workday. There was not much email during the day, and so i could actually focus on what i knew i needed to do, not on sorting out emergencies.

A new stylus arrived in today's mail. It's got a wonderful fine point and action on the screen: i'm looking forward to redeveloping my handwriting again. It's such a scribble now. (Forgive the huge scribble -- i've reduced the footprint on the screen, but not the size of the file.)

Also in the mail was a survey on the service provided by the mental health branch of my health care. I did let them know what i really think. Unfortunately, there wasn't a place to write about my experience.

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