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Random Query #14

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Am i present to the those who most depend on me? Am i giving what i am depended on for?
(Source, see http://elainegrey.livejournal.com/2124754.html?thread=2770386#t2770386)

In the past ... month ... let's say. I know Christine has missed me as i've gone off on my junkets and i've returned with my head in photos and botany. Then there has been a weekend full of Nominating work and Meeting for Business. It's been a very busy month. So there has been some absence which is felt, i know. When i've been present, i think i have been Present.

Not sure about staff at work... or Meeting. The phone connection on 101 has gotten worse and i've had a hard time using the commute time to be present with my parents. I think i've found a solution from my conversations with some folks, but my mother seemed to find it a poor connection.


Yesterday's salad was delicious. I had some weeks old butter lettuce that was not part of the deliciousness (but was unobjectionable), weeks old yet still fresh carrots (tops didn't look too sad), a very fresh Chioggia beet and one of the first California peaches of the year. Tossed with a little blue cheese and pecans: it was delicious and gently sweet.

I have one more peach and beet.

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