E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I'm back -- sort of. Swathes of photos remain unidentified. I spent yesterday working on writing captions for images for my naturalist journal. One of the more interesting images from the first day is this:

Purple sea urchins
Sea Urchin Condos

Yesterday i wrote to the California photographer list.
I spent a long weekend in Point Arena in the tidepools this past
weekend, learning about seaweeds on a Jepson Herbarium workshop. Great
time, tons of images, and i have a slight clue as to the incredible
diversity of that flora now. But for landscapes: driving out on the
Stornetta Lands and then driving up from Point Arena to maybe Elk you
will find lush green meadows & hwy 1's roadsides filled with
wildflowers. Much mustard and radish, cow parsnips and poppies and
daisies and indian paintbrush ... we were in a bit of a rush and in
conversation so no complete listing in my head. In the Stornetta Public
Lands there were iris and swathes of seathrift or pinks. Gloriously
beautiful and highly recommended.

I didn't execute this as well as i would have liked, but here's a sea
cliff and sea thrift image:

Back to work today. Whatever it is i do for work. What was it?

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