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Thank you, journaling software for your "do you want to post from the auto-saved draft." I had forgotten how my journaling was interrupted by Monday's early meeting.

Christine and i are on the deck. She's just made stew in the pressure cooker, testing the theory that it won't heat up the kitchen. A hummingbird seems to have finally connected with the feeder, after weeks of watching them feed at the scented geraniums and sage. The Bolander's Phacelia is blooming and i ought to get good boraginaceae images -- but ... Well, i hope it's still blooming when i get back. The flowers are slightly velvety and finally look like the coils are apparent.

Like others in the borage family, the flowers bloom on a long coiling stem. I've spent time understanding that it's actually not one stem but structurally branching off of branching off of branching. I may sacrifice a branch and try to slice some for a viewing with my cheap microscope.

I've planted borage again this year, as well, and ... i think i'll try a taste of the phacelia to see if it has the same cucumber taste ... or maybe not: "Toxicity: DERMATITIS."

Christine is working on sketches in thread. It's wonderfully pleasant to sit in the evening light with her as she stitches. She's also been sketching, and my begonia (where did it come from?) is sitting in front of her with its tall stalk of delicate pink flowers. There's something about that tall stem (formally called a scape) that lifts the flowers up so much higher than the begonia leaves that makes me think of forest flowers. I wonder.

Bumbles have been visiting around, too, and those get Greycie Loo's attention.

Off to eat stew on this hot day! (Yeah, i raised an eyebrow a couple of times as well.)

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