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Thirteen hour day yesterday with a break to curse at Best Buy's coy way of hiding prices and reading my daily dose of comics. I think if i had been a little more clear minded i could have been more efficient in the last part of the day but deadlines, deadlines.

Christine's monitor has been dying -- heat caused, i suspect -- for a while, but the stops and starts yesterday promised a miserable summer. We'd priced monitors, and then flat screen TVs, and it seemed that getting a flat screen TV and using the monitor in the living room as a replacement for the failing monitor would be just as reasonable as other plans.

It was so light.

I could not believe it when she brought it home. It was not lugged home.

I think my work bag weighs more when i go out the door.

It's been warm. Today is another warm day. I'm taking the camera equipment again and may head to Mt Diablo again. I should be able to leave work early today. Really.

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