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Happy Mewsday, says Christine

I doubt i wrote about my work worries before going in to the office yesterday. Friday was so bad, i wondered what my new manager would say. He said there was nothing to say as we chatted in the morning, a relief.

So, we are probably going to have a software install Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

I really want to get to El Diablo. Between the Mercury News article and zyzyly posts here and here (with a Crassulaceae family member, Dudleya sp) my eyes are itching for the burn area. How? When? I am tempted to throw the camera in the car and just leave work early (and likely be in the shade of the mountain). 6:30 am phone call tomorrow. Just give up sleep on Thursday? Saturday & Sunday are the asteraceae workshops.


with the exhaustion, pushing myself seems crazy, but the mountain, the post fire bloom....

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