E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

On Sunday morning i wrote, "Mr M's loud purr is keeping me company this morning. Christine is in Sonoma county for a creative class: her turn for adventure before my two weekends of botany in May." And then my attention was pulled off to Meeting needs.


On Saturday we ran errands in the morning. The paper shredding event had a half mile long line of cars (I just measured it). That long a wait was not "free," so we passed on that. We went out for brunch and i had a walnut gorgonzola asparagus omelet that was delicious. I'm not sure the flavors melded, but the individual flavors were wonderful together. I had Christine drop me of in the empty lot (a "park") across the street on our way home, and i spent 40 minutes with the camera in the field, experimenting with taking botanical shots and collecting specimens. The sun was a bit much for me and wiped me out. The temperature was very pleasantly cool, but i was in the sun with a heavy long-sleeve t-shirt and just a brim and not a proper hat. I worry about my sun sensitivity, but it's unlikely my employer will have me out in the fields picking crops at midday.

It's this coming Sunday's field trip that stands out.

Attention pulled away to meeting stuff before work's overwhelming demand on my attention begins.

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