E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I've received help from an eBirder reviewer this morning in making the ID for a small shorebird i saw at work. It came on the heels of an iNaturalist accepting my "small plover species" ID. I do wonder about the iNat community. Maybe i shouldn't "agree" when someone IDs my mushroom images and what not. Hmm.

Not out taking pictures this morning. I'd thought of driving to Mt Diablo's fire area - and maybe i still will. I just have a stack of errands and Meeting responsibilities. There are Mexican Primroses in the vacant lot across the street. Not native, but still might be nice to just get some images from over there.


Install for this weekend was canceled late yesterday. What a panic. Not in a good place about all that. The Drug Dealer (the psychiatrist) did hear me this time when i said work was demanding: the tears so close to the surface and my exhaustion (which Christine sees) might have been clues.

Tags: morning writing

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