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Astrophotography has been on my mind since seeing the eclipses on the calendar for this year. We're getting close to Mars, apposition in April. In October, eclipses and a comet will come very close to Mars. I've been discovering T-mount mirror reflex lenses and pondering teleconverters.

On the other hand, a big lousy image may not be any more satisfying than a small precise image.


After a Saturday morning puttering online, much of the rest of the day i was restless. I had some to-dos on my plate, i had some wishes (Oh, to go to table mountain, oh, the bioblitz). The rain came down and Christine and i sat watching the dim skies on the deck.

I am learning the elements and their atomic number using the flash card program Anki. It's slow going on day 1.5. The first day i hadn't "shuffled" the cards, so the low atomic weights were the ones flashed by the software. I found how to shuffle and yoicks, 91 is Protactinium, 68 is Erbium, and i've never really heard of those elements. I might just begin to learn the highway numbers around here. Is i muttered that "82 is lead" to myself, Christine pointed out that was El Camino's traffic. 92 is uranium, and that's the first highway on my commute home. 25 manganese, 35 bromine: local speed limits. The end goal is to have a collection of numbers that can facilitate memorization of other things, just like the "82 is lead is the traffic on El Caminio" trick.

--==Now Monday Morning==--

The deck garden is vibrant with flowers. The lemon tree is still blooming, and i picked its two ripe fruit. On one side a white geranium lifts bundles of blooms out of the green riot. On the other side of the lemon, the argyranthemum has daisy-like flowers all over the shrub. Taking the yellow centers, the yellow miniature rose has bloomed. The yellow color carries to a gerbera daisy paired with bright red geranium blossoms. Then there are many hues of purple: the purple verbena still blooms a bright cascade. The rosemary seems to be done with its few blossoms, but the lavender still sends up shoots. The thyme is covered with tiny blossoms, and the sage is blooming, too. Some of the scented geraniums are blooming, but not the one that was more exposed than the others, with its very sculpted trunks. A rescued carrot will eventually unfurl its umbel, but currently the feathery bug

Both hydrangeas are green and lush with buds. A cyclamen we bought in December seems to have put forth another round of buds. The potatoes have sent up green shoots, finally. I’ve two planters that are empty and have found my stash of seeds.
I’ve put the rainbow chard where it might get more light and grow a bit more.

The hellebore, primroses, and Christmas cactus all seem to have finished blooming Basils are all dead, viola penny ™ orange died. (Due to aphids?) My native planter's Lupinus albifrons is stunted and shows no growth. Bolander's Phacelia seems the most delighted with its situation, while the pink seems content. A fourth plant in the planter and a fifth in the recycled bird feeder planter seem to be hanging on.


I should have posted but the query i pulled reminded me of a work duty that needs doing. I didn't get to it over the weekend, but i did get a financial task complete.

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