E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Yesterday i wore all my hats at Meeting, clerking meeting for worship and giving reports both for finance and nominating. This week i prepare for the retreat.

After all was done at Meeting, including a few parking lot conversations, i picked up Christine and we went walking at Los Trancos. Driving up i saw golden poppies, yellow broom (I don't know if the deerweed or the invasive Cytisus species), Indian warrior indian paintbrush, wild cucumber, and some sort of white flowering shrub (a buckbrush, probably). When we got to our destination, though, no blooms. Perhaps just a little too high altitude? We crossed the road to another park and there i found a few blossoms: Ribes speciosum (fuchsiaflower gooseberry), blue eyed grass and a checkerbloom.

Views from Monte Bello

I again find myself wishing for graduated neutral density filters, and pondering how hand holding them really works.

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