E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Goldilocks, again

Yesterday was another day in which i could attend to my to-do list and not have crises. I am calling these out to myself as they happen, hoping to tune myself to the feeling of Not A Crisis.

On the other hand, when i got home Christine looked at me and noted the exhaustion in my face. I do feel tired. This morning i had a sneezing fit and then some wheezing coughing. "Am i coming down with something?", i worry.

I know that punctuation is not how i was taught to express a quotation, but doing it as i was taught itches my brain. The closing punctuation within the quotation seems accurate. If i was writing formally, i'd avoid the issue by moving "i worry" to the beginning of the sentence. And i'd capitalize the "i"s.

I'm also giving myself a gold star. Girl Scout cookies are being left out in the break room, and last night there were meringues at the Finance meeting. I didn't indulge. The sweets are so tempting, given the sense of weariness, but i've tried to go cold turkey on wheat for a while (too many exceptions for too long, i think), and i know i have to limit sweets. (Cold turkey on THAT would be fab. Maybe after the day lengths increase.) Unlike just last week, i think i was able to say "no" to myself and not feel obsessed about the no and the temptation.

I did get a pound box of See's Candy for my birthday, and i am slowly drawing down that stash. There's no deprivation going on! The intensity and richness is very satisfying: there is something about the quality that makes it easier to be restrained.

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