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Still wet -- yay! California never seems to have rain cycles that just sit and sit like those i remember from the east coast. There usually seems to be breaks in the precipitation, often even sun, before another band of rain or drizzle comes through.

I read in my notes from 2012 an observation from a landscape photographer that winter droughts alleviated in the spring may lead to spectacular blooming seasons. "One reason that happens is competing grasses tend to dominate when there are good rains earlier in the rainy season and apparently when it is droughty and grasses are minimal, other species can sense the lack of competition making the most of late water if available."

The weekend was quite pleasant, with Christine ensuring i celebrated. We picked up the wonderfully light tripod on Saturday, and went to See's candy, where i picked out a box of sweets to celebrate in the absence of a cake. I came home after Meeting yesterday to find a glorious bunch of flowers and Christine scheming a celebratory meal. I had pleasant calls with my parents (i share my father's birthday) and my sister.

I am behind on Meeting responsibilities, but feel easier today than i had been. I still feel the clench of procrastination, but i think i've broken through a little. The retreat i am co-leading is in two weeks. The month's weekends are fairly planned.

Work approaches.

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