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Yesterday was a good day at work, a Goldilocks day. I was productive, but not over-productive. There were issues to resolve, but not crises. I knew it was a good day as i was able to get back to my check list and keep track of what i was in the middle of doing.

I ran across a number of things that i found amusing and recalled them to Christine as we walked (my calves and thighs still protesting from all the squatting and bending from Sunday's gardening). One was a headline, "Ralph Nader Releases List of 20 Very Wealthy Individuals with Moderately Good Positions on the Issues Who Should Think of Running for President." I read the essay (pdf): i don't think he said they had moderately good positions. It's still a funny headline.

I still feel very burnt out.

Today i must renew my driver's license. Here's hoping the appointment time works.

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