E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Back to work today.

We continue the slow purge of stuff. I discovered that the headset that Christine labeled "junk" have sold on eBay at nice prices, so i popped that and two camera filters in the eBay for sale. A freecycled stack of books and software disappeared off our doorstep, and i've puled a few items of clothing out of the closet to put in the clothing recycle bins.

When i was back east with my family, my Dad was going through some of his stuff, and he offered me several nice Cross pens. Use them, i urged him. Use them, loose them, leave them with your tip at a restaurant, but use them.

I learned some odd lessons about saving the nice stuff for ... when? And in graduate school, i learned another lesson about using things all the way up. I don't recall exactly learning that at home, but i probably learned it there as well: i can recall how Mom artistically spattered bleach all over a canvas purse after one small bleach stain.

I've also discovered we have a hardware store in the front closet.

So, i am trying to learn to use things before ... before there's no opportunity left to use them. And maybe stop using things until they are in tatters, although that's a hard one. I'd rather get something i don't have (neutral density filter, light tripod) than replace something i use everyday (sheets, towels, couch).

Maybe it will be time to get my great aunt's china out and just use it day to day, and pass to a thrift store the plates that get the mysterious grey marks (is that from the stainless steel flatware?)

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