E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Yesterday, pleasant morning with Christine. Hike at Point Pedro with a bit more elevation gain than i am in shape for. The hike up the arroyo trail had filtered sun in the steep canyon, and we stumbled upon this beautiful plant beside the trail.

Ribes sanguineum var. glutinosum

The walk back on the ridge was highly overcast, few interesting plants in the chaparral, and steep: all making for a cranky descent.

We had an incredible lunch in Half Moon Bay at Miramar. The seafood chowder was rich, and the sherry spiked cream was a wonderful complement to the seafood. The dungeness crab melt was with an abundant serving of the crab. We lingered for desert and i enjoyed their tiramisu.

We could look out and see near the horizon Mavericks breaking. A sailboat passed between us and the break, helping to set the scale.

Home via the hardware store. At home, i added a brace to the couch, and i think i've addressed the sense of instability. I then spent hours trying to sort out the ID of the plant above. Before i left for a committee meeting, i wrote a botanist familiar with the area. By the time i was home, she'd sent the ID. This morning i went through the key to see where i went wrong -- and i can't find the plant. I wrote the editor of the key.

I've published my observation in both iNaturalist and Calflora. Now off to the day job.

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