E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Yesterday was a long work day, a visit to the optometrist, a King Tide neglected (the thought of carrying tripod reminded me of my back's ache), and a forgotten California Native Plants event (which was about photos folks had taken over the year -- oh how i felt it was important to attend, but i was wiped by the end of the day and forgot!)

Optometrist's conclusion: any change in my prescription is within the uncertainty of measurement from my current prescription. Huzzah, i'll keep these and save the bucks, although i wonder about whether what i really need is a full pair at my reduced strength for reading.

This morning i have hunkered in bed, reading the Internet. Medium had some nice articles and my reading list had a number that sent me on some research threads. One, in particular, about the zones of focus have made me ponder making a little booklet or slide rule to carry with me, in order to simulate the guides that used to be on camera lenses.

I should reflect on the threshing session Meeting had three weeks ago to report to Worship and Ministry tomorrow, and to prepare for Meeting for Business next week,

Loose ends are at work: i may follow through. The week was frustrating with a delayed install, performance issues pointing at my team's systems although finally attention zoomed in on the component on which my team's systems depend. Then, Friday, at 3:40 or so, a terrible bug was found. There's a possibility that our tester made testing errors, but i am horrified that we hadn't been testing this particular aspect -- given it was the first failure in the August install debacle (and, ah! yes! that is when Christine was last back in North Carolina).

I wanted to take Monday off, and i will stay at home.

My asthma is pretty irritated thus there's an edge of exhaustion to everything.

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