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Christine sent this youtube link of Béla Bartók - String Quartet No. 5 (visual is the score) for me to listen to again, so i could hear the humorous "wink" at measure 700. I thought i may have dozed through it Saturday night. I read through it last night, and had to go and listen directly. It's there. As she and i discussed, it's not like network TV in its demand for attention.

Speaking of which, how long with the sound of a needle being dragged across a record be used as an aural cue that someone is being brought back to reality? Will the last user of the sound effect have any physical memory of making the sound themselves?

Finally, Presentation Zen has a blog entry featuring a wonderful PSA for Native Americans.


I am delighted to note Moffett Field has recorded 0.04" of rain already today. Yesterday was a total of 0.01". This is not a usual rain: it reminds me more of some sort of eastern wet weather as the temperatures are so mild i had the windows all open yesterday. I don't imagine this has a nice brisk bit of Alaskan gulf air following: we all know where that has gone.

I think i wrenched my back lugging luggage on Friday. Something about sitting at my desk yesterday acerbated the issue.

Much love from Mr M this morning. I've been sitting at my desk under the light, but this morning stayed in bed where he is used to snuggling with Christine at this hour. Edward's just back from the wet.

Greycie Loo will need evening attention.

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