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Yesterday my inner 6 year old was in charge, with my petulance and procrastination the feature of the day. I am slowly learning though: to procrastinate i did get a few things on my to do list done! Christine called just in time to keep me from watching a second episode of "Lost Girl," and thus i did go outside and walk around the pool for thirty minutes.

I kept thinking, "I should think about what i am thankful for." As i closed my eyes, i said to myself, "OK, things i am thankful for, what is one that starts with A?" Airplane, i replied to myself, ruefully thankful that Christine and i can get across the country to see family. Yes, we could try and juggle things so we could do it together. And we did talk about whether i should see my family at the end of the trip to Ohio, so we would overlap. In the end, though, having a weekend together at home, going out to hear Bartok, was what we need to connect.

It's hard for her to be there, though -- no drama, just heartache -- and i wish i could wipe away her tears.

Overnight: rain seems to have occurred! Just enough to trigger a switch from "NA" to "0.00" on Moffett's weather data report for three instants of reporting last night, but a trace is better than none.


Christine is already visiting her mom at the care place.

I did not get to my "conditions of enoughness" yesterday. I did have a Quaker Meeting retreat planning phone call that went nicely, and also spent time with personal data stuff in the evening (eBird entries, evernote scrapbook, and struggling to ID a bird from lousy low-light cell phone images). I procrastinated like mad on one task at work.

This morning i've listed a bluetooth headset on eBay as part of the continuing "lighten the load" effort.

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