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I'm working at home this morning, taking Christine to the airport at noon. We had a nice weekend together, celebrating her birthday, and, while i'm not ready to put her on a plane, we've connected after my absence.

Yesterday, i looked to see if there was a way to export photos from Lightroom to Evernote, and i found it. I was quite pleased to plug through photos all yesterday and find a way to export to Evernote in such a nice way. It means there's a place to put the incidental images that aren't ever going to be, by themselves, of any interest (like a biscuit menu). In context, with the rest of the travel notes, they compliment my journaling. This year, i've decided, is the end of paper ephemera.

So, some samples

Flight east, with some placename markups
Southern lunch and a walk in the woods
dinner & Takács Quartet Saturday night (See, ticket stub preserved while also recycled)

With the interruption of crazy work + 9 days of travel + 2 days of retreat, i'm hoping to get started on a rhythm for my 46th year (my birthday in a bit more than a month). King tides and early blooms also beckon, and there's a chance we may have rain this week.

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