E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Happy Saturday.

I managed to get through much of yesterday in good spirits. I still feel terribly overwhelmed and procrastinated on life this morning by "window shopping" for camera lenses. I've found a 500mm lens that i want to find used. I wish i knew a good used gear place in the area.

My email host, rackspace, has one or some of its IP addresses listed at a spam filtering company. That's annoying.

Time Passed.

On Friday i found out that one of my staff who had been on leave for cancer treatments died on 2 Jan. I told a few of her close retired colleagues that she had died over the weekend, today i told the team.

There are Issues with the install that went in on the 28th that distracted me on Saturday, Sunday, and early this morning, and throughout the day. It seems that there are some folks who are bent on determining that our applications are at the root of the issues. Every time there is a "what about x?" we're off chasing it down.

I asked a colleague, and he thinks i'm not (we're not) imagining the persecution.

I had light and lots of afternoon coffee today.

Christine and i just had our app meeting where she showed off her app development to me: it's so cool! We're at basic navigation still (walk before run), and the kindle has odd offsets on the buttons, and my phone works well in landscape but it doesn't really resize to work in portrait. The colors look great. So not what i would have picked, but they look good and fun. (I would have made a much more muted choice from our palette.) The information architecture makes sense. We're approaching the ball being back in content's court.

So that's joy at the end of the day.

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