E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Happy New Year -- i didn't wish folks that yesterday, did i?

I did make the image and post it to Facebook, but yesterday was a bit of the Doldrums. I did get my hands on yarn as we watched many episodes of Enterprise. My crewel yarn leftovers scarf is going to be gloriously fiddly in weaving the ends in (as every row has ends at both sides), but i proved the principle yesterday and created a tidy edge. I still think i want to edge the scarf once it's done. We'll see.

I forgot to take my meds, didn't get in the light, didn't exercise, and thus by the end of the day was blue. I will take the wellbutrin this morning, get light at the office.


∞ "Nudibranchmom" on iNaturalist confirmed my San Diego Doroid sighting, and my suspicion it was two of the creatures (mating, she says).

∞ My new hire who calls me "boss" may need a line drawn in the sand on the hour: a chat with him already.


End of day blues assailed me. Not much to update here. The blues are due to the OMG ton of work waiting for me, the sense of being behind. Too much, and tired. So home early.

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