E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Yesterday was a very long, exhausting day, (2 am to 6 pm) but the install went in and we're done.

Union Pacific in the Elkhorn Slough

I may still be burnt out by it.

Ruffled Snowy Egret

It's day three of my bashed knee, from when i slipped on a gravel trail in Elkhorn slough. I am confident now that it's just bruised and scabbed, no infections in the cuts. It was a bit more of a bloody mess than i'm used to from my clumsiness, but our first aid foo seems to have worked well.

Christine fussed over me when we returned home, timing out icing periods, digging out just the right pillow for elevation and so on. I spent the afternoon paring down the hundred and fifty to twenty eight. This includes some composite images that collect less than ideal images into a sequence that capture a sequence or comparison. My favorite is this one, which i call "Conservation of Buffleheads."

Conservation of Buffleheads

Friday i worked at home: it was an interstitial day. Back to work after two days off, during the holiday, and before the onslaught of the install. Today shall be a recovery, yet i remain on alert. Issues didn't arise until customers really started hitting the system last install, and i won't really settle into complacency until mid January, i should think. However, if nothing goes askew tomorrow, i'll take Tuesday off.

My goal for today is to finish up the Elkhorn Slough photos: post to iNaturalist (where i would love a solid identification of my dorid observation).

I'll not head to meeting, but i'll probably go out for a good walk, carefully staying in range of getting home in 30 min for issue response.

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