E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I took my first truly macro photo last night of this chia blossom.


By macro, i mean that the blossom, which is about 4 mm wide, has an image on the sensor larger than it is itself.

It was a culmination of a day that broke through a bit of the glaciated sense i'd been having, although i skipped Meeting for Worship and a friend's adult ed. I just couldn't bear to stop the feeling of flow. And out things flowed: recycling of scrap metal and batteries to the recycle station and CDs to Best Buy. In the same photo session i took "product" photos and now have an eBay listing and a freecycle listing (that's had two responses). I'm trying to decide if i'll use the vintage bluetooth headset Christine wants to list or list it.

ETA: OMG the eBay listing has already gone -- it wasn't up an hour!

Anyhow, i'm again in front of the light, but must get ready for work. There's more freecycle stuff to photo and list, gifts to wrap (oh, let my parents' gift arrive today! The UPS listing has been in San Jose since Friday.)

Tags: morning writing

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