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The sleeping-late daze and SAD have probably blocked me for the past few days and i find myself wanting to note, "Oh, and this happened!" about the past few days. Unpacking my mind follows:

Ah-ha! Openhouse Meme had three requests for the past five days! I'll add five to the dates and answer up. (You too can pick a date and give me a question or prompt at DW or LJ. I might miss the date, but i intend to answer!)

Slept late and in the dark both Friday and Saturday. Christine not sleeping well at all Saturday night and apparently last night. This morning at desk before sun lamp. Dear sleepy morning self: the lamp is worth it! Get out of bed!

Comic book purchase for nephews on Friday. Printed throw blanket gift for parents should have arrived. UPS tracking says "San Jose, CA, United States 12/13/2013 8:19 P.M. Departure Scan" Christine's similar gift for her mom arrived on Friday and has since been reordered (as the print ran off the edges).

Brother and his new daughter and eldest son reunited with SIL and middle(!) child on Sat. Glad i called SIL on Thurs or i would have been irked by discovering the arrival with photos of daughter at Krispy Kreme.

SIL as expat: her facebook photos have celebrated In-and-Out and Krispy Kreme as markers to her return to the states.

Used book store success for myself (a botany lab book with extensive background material, edible plants of California guide). Christine frustrated on difficulty of finding any material on Scandinavian involvement in formation of League of Nations. I'm sitting on my hands wanting to look for resources but know if she wanted me to she would ask. Meanwhile, she found a two volume history of the Swedish people that i intend to read someday.

Picked the sad green tomato and a nice number of green beans from the veggie planter for the veggie mix in the tamales. Cut back the tomatoes to a couple of vines just about as high as the bamboo tripod support. Cut the green beans back to a few leaves an inch or so above the soil. Not sure the green beans will return, but the tomatoes are still blossoming. Chard doesn't seem to have grown. No potato sprouts yet from planter.

Learned a great deal about Scaups, but no one has confirmed that these are images of a female Barrow's Goldeneye.

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