E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Wednesday evening, as i drove home, the cold came to rest on me. Christine, remarkably, was feeling better. I worked an early day yesterday 7 am to 1, nested and fought off the chill during the afternoon, and then worked for another hour during an configuration switch over. These switch overs are altogether too expensive, but they have not gotten smooth yet.

I'm taking today off: I slept deliciously late this morning and did not attend the meeting with the VP at 7 am. I'm driving to Half Moon Bay to have lunch with my previous boss and mentor. It's not a great blur of adventure, but it's what i've got.

I'm going to give making tamales a go tonight.

The management ache that hit me early in the week is a faded memory. I am so comfortable with nebulous rules, grey areas, and situational discernment: the particular staff person is so different and needs clear, simple answers to, "Is it A or B?" That's good for a programmer, i suppose, but i can't imagine thinking that way.

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