E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

In more change in the leadership in my division, the new corporate president announced, "we need additional technology leadership to take us through this period. I have decided to initiate a search for a Chief Information Officer (CIO) for [whale]. "

I suppose when one has zero of something and acquires something it is additional.

Anyhow, happy dance, happy dance, change is on the wind.


Meanwhile, was at the office a little later, and it was oh so dark when i left. I figured out the right route to drive around horrific traffic, so that's a yay, but i did not have mojo for chores when i got home. I did go walk for half an hour in the cold around the pool, so that's a win.

I also set up an extended palette in the iPad Procreate app. During Meeting i had a thought about illustrating my feelings about community. I don't know how that would work. My doodling is doodling and not so much about a communication, saying something. And since i'm not sure what to say about community....

Tags: morning writing

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