E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Dashing a post off before the landslide of work hits. Christine says i was agitated last evening, and i think that is my expression of knowing there are so many work details that need attention, but i also need a break.

It didn't help that the one thing i said i must do was blocked because the links to the forms were broken and the form itself was in some cryptic Microsoft format that only Windows Outlook can open (i think). Thus, that task is incomplete this morning, hopefully NOT postponing my Ohio colleagues from getting started on a computer for my hire who starts on Monday.

I carried my camera in to work the past two days, and there have been remarkably few birds. Not just no over wintering species: the gulls were gone, all but three mallards were gone, and only a few coots. A colleague says there were many in the midafternoon.

I'll take the camera on Thursday and see what i can see then.

PS You too can pick a date and give me a question or prompt at DW or LJ. (More than one, if you like.)

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