E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I think i'm suffering from a bit of SAD, perhaps also some work burnout. Playing with iNaturalist has been a bit addictive, but in some sense it's the usenet addiction i had ages ago. I'd read all my list and then there'd be new stuff in the newsgroups at the top. iNaturalist at least has the excuse of being tied to creating an online presence for my avocational self. The drive for distraction is there, though.

Another sign is aversion to social interaction, a strong disinclination to reply to a message now. "I'll do it later."

So, that's signs. Cause could very well be the extended exposure to my parents. I recall having a depression after being with them last summer: dysfunction tied up with death. SAD seems a clear possibility though, and i know how to work that. (Move south of the 36° parallel, comes to mind.)

Next steps: do the laundry. I think that's gotta happen. Not that it's backed up or anything, but one small load has been on my list to do for a few days, and i haven't managed. Did get a walk in on Sunday: need to walk today. That might mean getting a digital book and walking around the pool or - there was something i was going to watch while on the (stationary) bike. Christine is practicing mandola in the evening, so i should move the bike out to the deck so as not to disturb her.

Tags: depression, morning writing

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