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Well, #@(*$!(^$(!!! ProFlowers, not only is your ordering system completely broken when logging in but you take your time showing your shipping & handling extortion.

Sigh. But Thanksgiving greetings are now on their way to my extended family.

I also sent three emails with troubleshooting details. Really think i deserve a discount for doing QA. Or perhaps i should bill them.


In other complaints about completely obscure ordering websites, we bought the documentary Dear Mr. Watterson yesterday. I thought i was just befuddled from my workday, but Christine too remarked on the obscurity of what bundle came with what. Ticky boxes! Just let us build our own bundle! (Because, i think most permutations are represented on that screen, but i'm not sure.)

I was happy to have delayed gratification and just get the DVD, but in trying to sort it out, i think Christine just surrendered and got one of the complete bundles.

We watched last night, and it was a fascinating glimpse into the syndicated strip industry. I'm a KickStarter backer of http://www.strippedfilm.com/ , and i think the two documentaries together will provide a fascinating then-now look.

The most fascinating parts of the documentary are the interviews with Stephan Pastis & Berkeley Breathed. Stephan Pastis is ... well, his strip isn't a surprise. He draws on his walls. That was an absolutely fascinating segment, and his extremely cynical read of Calvin (looser) and what people want to read about (losers, see Pearls before Swine) and Calvin's parents (they hate Calvin) was ... well, you bring your own experience to media, don't you.

Breathed shared some of his correspondence with Watterson, and i really want to know MORE about that correspondence. Were the lampoons of Breathed just for fun? Or were they part of a debate?

Recommended, but i am so sorry about the ordering experience.

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