E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Yesterday morning, after seeing more lesser scaups at the lagoon inlet at work, i filled out my second eBird list. The first was apparently in 2006. Maybe this time it will take. eBird's photo interface depends on posting the photo somewhere else and using html to embed the photo in the observation comment, so i used my iNaturalist entry to embed.

(Oh gurdonark and crookedfingers, your observations would certainly be welcome at both sites. )

eBird is a bit like butterfliesandmoths.org in that sightings are aggregated: there's not a particularly social aspect to the site. iNaturalist has much more engagement.

Christine and i have just spent time talking about frogs' and moles' perceptions of mushrooms. What a delightful way to wake up.

Meanwhile, rain, huzzah, the first since 21 Sept's relative deluge of half an inch. I urged folks to drive home at 4:15. I have no backbone when it comes to bay area drivers in the first rain of the season, and the near two months since the singular rain in Sept would no clear the roads. (.17 inches yesterday.)

Work skypes, so i'm off.

Tags: morning writing, perpetual calendar

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