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iNaturalist is very fun. I added my departing-work observations of egrets, cormorants, and a scaup at the work water feature, and they've been invited to the county's bio-blitz (by a program and not a human, i hope). The thought that my comings and goings from my office can contribute to my growth as a naturalist is very satisfying. The real satisfaction is taking the moments to look.

Christine's meeting with the therapist seemed promising to her. As Christine has extremely few threads of community left connecting her to the world, this last break was of extreme concern to me.

I appreciated the support from you all over the weekend, but feel i teetered on the edge of sharing too much of her story that was not mine to share. I will go back to carrying my concerns quietly.

--== ETA: i wasn't done! ==--

Between Christine's low and my preoccupation with the photos i've recently taken, we've not made much progress on the Lupine project. I took some time to figure out how i could use iNaturalist for my own research ends and have a list of Bay Area species and i've "subscribed" to the genus. I'm stunned to see the last observation was in 2010!? Good heavens. I was worried about being overwhelmed by others observations in the spring.

It's not a forgotten project, and before vacation Christine had various interfaces deployed to our various devices. She was still working on scale issues.

Another thing that slipped by was the deadline for the Yosemite contest. I have, at least, used the contest to learn how to enlarge my prints and use a printer to make prints.

New Manager's savvy and the team of his previous colleagues we are accreting is making work weird and better. I'm certainly feeling respected in some dimensions but in other dimensions shortfalls are very clear. One of the biggest shortfalls seems to be code quality, which leaves me pulling out my hair about the lead developer who left. WTF was happening with conversations we had? He certainly talked as an advocate for quality?

It continues to explain the frustrations my long time senior developer had: he did want quality but the technical leadership wasn't leading that way.

On the whole, no one is holding me responsible for that.

The other dimension is managing up the development priority tree. New Manager is going to start a skunk works project to address an issue that i know has been there for ages. That's great, i ponder, where's the resources going to come from?

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