E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I am a'tumble with much on my mind.

My Meeting responsibilities and roles and leadings have me at the forefront of a "we really need to change how we structure ourselves in committees" movement -- and yet, i don't know that i can help keep a movement moving.

At work, i've just finished the hiring cycle for one position, i have one more.

Another staff member who had come back from six months of cancer treatment has had a relapse, and i can't help but listen to her symptoms and hear what she's not saying. The metastasized tumor she had treated for six months was only the first in a series of organ dysfunctions. She's going home to be with family for the next round of treatment.

Familiar faces from the past ten years are rapidly being replaced by new ones, and the sudden influx feels like it will overwhelm us with a different energy.

I have some horrid sinus thing that started with a headache midday and got worse during the drive home.

My folks are in California! They're staying at the military base tonight, and will be with us tomorrow night. Then I'll go with them up to the Russian River for a four day get away.

Christine has been struggling with some of the side effects of my parents arrival.

Anyhows, i hope to write Friday morning from a relaxed situation!

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