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Autumn is here. Peak leaf color, i thought, as i drove about Mountain View and Palo Alto this morning to Meeting. Glorious red globes of pomegranates hung in a large tree at one corner. It's cool, and our place seems to not warm up much during the day.

I ponder whether the new downstairs owners will heat as much as the previous owners.


Saturday was a bit of a lounge about with one extra element of deep cleaning. As i am so nearsighted i really had no idea what the state of the bath tub was.

I find insecurity swirling around in my inner responses to Meeting responsibilities and work responsibilities and my photographic skills.

To fight some of those insecurities, i had Christine go through some Yosemite images with me to help me pick some to submit to a contest. I'm letting her encourage me to submit more than one. Submitting them, though, means knowing how much to charge for them and how large i will print them. After being delighted for so long with So Many Pixels, simple math revealed that perhaps the images weren't as big as i thought they were. I found myself experimenting with enlargers. I hadn't realized the printing was at 250 dpi instead of 300 dpi.


We are all out of sorts in the household over my parents impending visit. As they fly military standby, the question of WHEN they arrive is up in the air. I have a week of meetings in the evening, all sort of loose ends at work. Christine has her plans and schedules and anxieties about their arrival.

I'm also probably suffering a bit from SAD. I was getting evening light with Christine, sitting together after work on the deck with needlework, but the last week was not agreeable for that. And at work, the blinds need to be closed or i will roast. So, i need more light.

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