E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

My GI system doesn't seem to like me at all. Fiddlysticks. Saturday was so uncomfortable that Sunday i felt very out of it. The whole weekend seems a haze of grumbles.

I did, however, mostly tidy the deck, moving plants around, deadheading and whatnot, so the seasonal color of mums and verbena are more prevalent and the lingering veggies have a better chance of sun. Green beans dangle, and one tiny green globe has set on the tomato. Go figure. I swept, even under pots, and i feel ready for long rains and grey days.

That's about all i feel ready for.

Ah, and here are my blood test results. A surge in my cholesterol over last year.

I really must exercise: i'm sure that's part of everything. Now that i have shoes that i can walk in without causing pain, i must get back to the exercise that worked for me. That was walking around the pool and reading after dark.

Tags: health, morning writing

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