E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

During Meeting yesterday, an idea of how to use my stash of crewel yarn came to mind. The 1-yard lengths are far far too short for crochet, although i have started making little square motifs to play with color, just tying the blankety-blank ends together.

I could knit, one row each thread, and make some striped fabric. Mixing the colors up would be a delight.

Kitty image with yarn at https://plus.google.com/103873302373242101756/posts/RpTbDVS5eE1

So that, and a great deal of cooking, is what i did yesterday afternoon. The knitting up reduces the width from a yard to about a foot: i'm not sure how i will deal with all the loose ends on the edge: a crocheted trim over knotted bits is my current plan. Mixing the colors while listening to the audiobook Thunderstruck (a true crime story and a technology history in parallel) was quite a pleasure. The cats mostly stayed out of trouble.

I'm tense, because Saturday evening i saw stressing work emails that i declined to address until office hours. I have wrangled all my bits of reminders this morning and think there are not too many monster to-dos hiding under the bed.

Let the Monday loose!

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