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Woke early, unintentionally, but my mind was probably as restful as a child's on Christmas morning. I was going to ride my bike out to the bay and take dawn photos.

South Bay Sunrise

I wasn't entirely sure i would do it. Maybe the bike tires would go flat overnight. We had an adventure the previous evening trying to pump them, as i have one of each type of valve on the bike. I've not ridden in ages and the bike has been maintained since i last rode -- but i can't recall when that was. Early spring?

Maybe i wouldn't make it down the stairs, maybe i would pick up the computer and piddle until midmorning, maybe....

South Bay Sunrise

I passed only a few pedestrians on my way out. It was rather dark, really, and i arrived out to the salt ponds at 7 am, twenty minutes before sunrise (and then the sun would have to clear Mt Hamilton). Just about the time i arrived, the first hunter let fly.

Most of the trial was for just the doing of it, not the actual photography or observations. Looking into the sunrise wasn't ideal for identifying the ducks, but i did enjoy watching an distant, undulating, long line of flying birds head south. Brown pelicans flew by, and one croaking egret.

I actually did it.

I biked home against a tide of folks out for their morning exercise. I realized about half way home that my shoes were caked with bay mud.

South Bay Sunrise

And, i made it home, which is all uphill. No, it's not much of a hill, but i can feel it. Now, can i convince myself to do it again?

After breakfast, i made it out to the native plant sale and the farmer's market.

Since then, mainly R&R. Christine's starting her stew, and i had asserted we had enough potatoes. When she looked at the bag of red new potatoes, she hesitated. I asked, "Is that enough?"

"It will have to do."

"No it won't!" i cried and rushed to the deck to dig out potatoes from my container. I don't know if i got them all, but i collected half a pound. I'm sure there are intensive container gardeners who optimize and would get far better yields than i do on my deck. I'm the opposite, a laissez faire gardener. The potatoes have to battle it out with the geraniums.

Something is worrying me out the edge of my mind: i suspect it's an awareness of overwhelming to do lists. I'm glad to have spent today as i had planned.

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