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Yesterday was all day spent with the team, then more time spend on issues (the dataloading folks' systems haven't been working since 9 September and yesterday was the first i heard of it; finally took a glance at some of the performance testing results). The commute home was slow, but the audio book, Thunderstruck, kept me company. Listening to how Marconi's start-up venture was managed over a hundred years ago while creeping along in Silicon Valley traffic led me to wonder who was the first brash young thing to demand equal treatment from the powers that be. Marconi played the "if Queen Victoria won't let me walk through her garden, i will take my marbles and go home" card, and Queen Victoria eventually let him have his way.

Weather has been lovely. The nights are cooling to the mid 40s, days soaring to the high 70s. I've still not noticed any new migrant birds, but the past month has seemed more full of crows than the summer. I have finally discovered that the "blue highway flower" that blooms so long is plumbago, a species native to South Africa.

Plane trees are that mysterious color that one might call brown, yet the green and gold mix should have its own name. Its not a glorious color, but a subtle one. I've admired the slow turn of plane trees since living in Philadelphia. Many other trees are still green, but here and there leaves are changing -- oaks on Moffett near the Stevens Creek Trail, sweet gums here and there. I feel we are at the tipping point, that some week soon the trees will suddenly be more bare than green, and that winter wetness will be on us. For the next week, though, the weather looks to be the same.

My folks will be out in early November: i will expect a nice long Alaskan gulf storm then.

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