E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

It was hard to go back to work yesterday. I could have spent another day in intense attention to our project.

At work, i began to feel aware of a sense of being surveilled. New Manager knows what he should be doing, and he is paying attention. My competency is under examination, i feel, although no one but a paranoid me would likely frame it that way.

Between the wanting to be home and the not feeling like i have a good side to show at work, blues came winding around my mind. I fought with coffee and managed not to buy candy.


At home, Christine had edited my writing from yesterday. I feel embarrassed to need so much editing, but she is very good at it. I rarely re-read my writing, but when i do i find the tortured sentences following the crenelations of my brain leaving a maze for the reader. Most of the tangles were straightened out. She noticed me using "the" too much, which seems like an odd thing to be able to do, but too much science writing can dull ones ears. Again, i'll trust her. What was interesting is an apparently odd sensitivity i had to her corrections. In one place i wrote, "The first notable trait of lupines are the tall stems ..." She changed that to "their tall stems." I just couldn't take that "their." When i noted my comfort with her replacement to "its" something or other, i changed the other article to "The first notable trait of lupines are its tall stems ...." No idea why "its" appeals to me more than "their." I've no problem personifying ANYTHING so my aversion has nothing to do with that, i think. And i may even have a subject verb number agreement issue there ... it should be, "The first notable trait of lupines is its tall stems ...." Their is probably correct. Hmm. Ah, she added "of lupines" so my instinct (from another sentence) is to say "the lupine" which then leads to lots of "the"....

Ahah! "The definite article can also be used in English to indicate a specific class among other classes: The cabbage white butterfly lays its eggs on members of the Brassica genus."

So this is yet another habit picked up from science writing.


Anyhow, must go to a meeting. Would much prefer to tweak words in the text for the app.

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