E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Sunday i attended worship, then worship with attention to business, and then to home. Christine and i seemed to be in some odd off-beat dance where we managed to step on each other's toes often. Nonetheless the meals were planned, and the few groceries needed acquired.

Yesterday i took off from work and worked on our app. I drafted the text for why one would want to identify lupines in the Bay Area and started in on the flickr harvested collection of Creative Commons images. The tool i've used, Bulkr, is mostly OK, although i wish i had a bit more power and a bit more refinement.

I'm delighted and even now find myself pulled back to work on the project. We made some good "first round" decisions, i think. Christine has been working on the implementation side, trying out a number of technologies. She feels confident in delivering phone applications in two weeks. I can pull together the images we need from creative commons (not focusing on my own work).

I've felt we were making progress all summer, but the most visible improvements have been in my photo skills. Yesterday i had a strong sense of the breadth of maturity of our ideas.


House chores are abandoned, i don't take breaks, i could work all day on this. Things left undone last week are still undone.

I look forward to when i can move from obsession to attention.

Tags: morning writing, thesolution

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