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Thursday and Friday i worked from home through mid afternoon when the slew of meetings came to an end. Thursday we had a long interview (after 5 EDT!) with the candidate for architect. The team concluded he didn't really have the skills but that he's already in (long-time friend and co-worker of the New Manager) and they could "work with and around him."

This is how "old boy" networks work.


I am still looking for UI/javascript developer!! Please please let me know if you know someone who knows someone. Look for me on linked in.

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At this point i went off and spent an hour networking on LinkedIn.

Feeling under the weather, i was delighted to find that Netflix had the second season of Continuum. I've blown through ten of the thirteen episodes in the past two days' lethargy. The framing of a dystopian future through the eyes of someone who sees it as a wonderful time is a very nice change of pace.

Speaking of dystopian futures, tx_cronopio asked in her Friday poll how old our computers were. I discovered my new computer (that has had additional memory and a new drive added and that i purchased refurbished) is four years old. "Well," i thought, "what cool future awaits when i get a new one?" That's certainly within the next two years, but i prepared to be amazed.


It's a good thing i'm not in the market because none of the machines look like a particular upgrade.

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