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So, i was out of it yesterday with a chest cold coming on, determined i should rest, but "somehow" worked six hours. Fortunately, most of it was reclined, with cats, quite cosy. I'm staying home today, and i expect i'll work the whole day. Unfortunately there are HOURS of video conferences. None i wish to miss.

Work is very much on my mind. New Manager wants us to decouple from our dependencies. I roll my eyes. This is fairly easy to say, although i could probably manage to stumble over the d's and p's if i said it quickly and repeatedly. However, it's not clear what the f it means. So, there were stretches in the night when my mind was consciously turning over how to handle the question.

And i wonder why i was having complicated intense dreams earlier in the week.

Christine crashed last night, a few triggers sending her off, and she acknowledges she too may be coming down with the mysterious crud. She went to sleep very early for her, and i happily followed. An extra couple hours of sleep might explain the wakefulness.


I stood out on the deck in the dark last night to watch a long flyover of the international space station, quite bright. At one moment, a jet eclipsed my view of the station, and i wondered at wonder. My evening sky is filled with jets crossing back and forth, but i set an alarm to watch the space station cross the sky. Why wonder at one and not the other? I also noted a prick of "I ought to be photographing this," but i denied it. Every moment of being need not be photographed.

On the other hand, as i think about it, it would be wise to practice some more night sky shots so if i do want to catch a meteor shower or dark sky panorama i will be ready.

I added a new "to do" to my photographic monitoring list (aware as i am that i am approaching two weeks late on the Meeting House observation). I have wanted to document King Tides since first hearing about the project, but i have been distracted every time. This year, i will, i maintain, and i'm delighted to find that there's now both a protocol to follow and a request for a location that is moderately convenient.


And a six week spread in meeting house photos is probably not significantly less useful than a four week spread. So "late" should be challenged with, late for what? And it is simply to a commitment i set to myself.

With that said, i should go look at my schedule and figure out how to meet a stack of other commitments to Meeting, myself, my health, and Christine. (Wonder if i'm too sick for a flu shot.)

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