E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Marking the morning. Another night -- or early morning? -- of intense dreaming.

The shortening days are so obvious now. Christine and i chatted on the deck until dark last night. A whistling v of ducks flew over at dusk, and the crescent new moon was lovely to watch in the fading light. Later we watched the ISS pass over, and this morning, when i went out to water, the stars were spangled overhead, Jupter glowing brightly near Castor and Pollox (or so said Google Star Map).

We talked through stories for 2015: i'd taken a break yesterday to go through historical events of 1815, 1865, and 1915 to look for interesting anniversaries. My idea, for both of us, is to develop stories and photographs in advance of an anniversary so we both have stock to sell. It was fun to talk through the ideas.

Tags: morning writing, perpetual calendar, thesolution

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