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Back from trip to Carmel. Lovely, lovely wedding -- Christine got a migraine though, so we left after the drinks during photos. Great cottage room (no more than the hotel room in the recommended hotel) with a little patio. We had breakfast on the patio and watched woodpeckers fly in and out of a hole in a dead tree. Goldfinches, sparrows, and other birds flew about, a monarch butterfly fluttered and fed, and wind whispered in the tops of the cottonwoods.


I think this is Pontia protodice - Checkered White.

Possible Pontia protodice (Checkered White)

We were at Point Lobos Ecological Reserve, Sand Hill Trail, Midday, Oct 5. It's feeding on Corethrogyne filaginifolia (Common sandaster). In the afternoon we went into Carmel, and i saw many white butterflies fluttering about -- i assume more of the same.


I don't think i slept that well last night. Dreams were rich with dream-familiar landscapes. My mind has some obsession with the Philadelphia transit network and many dreams are on my dream version of that network. Making connections, getting the right fare, getting to the right stops: the dreams seem to be worry dreams, figuring things out dreams, but i have a hard time mapping it back to real life.

I went into the office to find the few Monday folks weren't coming in. I'm essentially alone, sharing the cube farm with one UX developer. I bet there are no more than five folks in the whole office. Fortunately traffic was light, so i don't resent the commute.

The shutdown definitely affects traffic on 101.

I'm weary, presumably due to both the lack of sleep and lack of adrenaline. It's nice not to have a panic going on.

I'm hoping to return to something like "normal" over this week. The post mortems from August are over, the big push for the transition to a new deployment model to our test environment is over, release planning is over. I've basic management on my plate.

I'm thinking about photography probably more than botany lately. I continue to practice observations and identifications, but this is our lull. We're not flowerless, by any means, but most of the flowers are in the headache-to-identify categories. In the bean family, there are the two genus of low-growing yellow blossomed plants: Acmispon sp and Lotus sp. Paintbrushes, Castilleja sp, abound. Marvel at Mark Egger's Flickr collection. And then there are the damned yellow composites, and i still forget to document their backs.

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