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I'm alive!

So, the team designed on Monday, dealt with an emergency and then pointed stories (this is a agile software development term) on Tuesday, and then planned two weeks of work on Wednesday. I was pretty much nuked by Wednesday, got to bed early, and then yesterday was a full work day. I spent my little bit of morning time writing an email to my sister in law because she was being a big sister bully to Christine and it made me SO MAD. I sent Christine the email.

Yesterday evening i poked at email a little bit. I had a request for photos from the late August photo workshop and a generic request went out on the Meeting list for a particular harvest festival photo. I had that and sent it with a link to the web archive. This morning there are many delighted emails in my in-box.

I'm taking today off (sudden surge of adrenaline as i get an IM that the 7:30 am meeting's teleconference system was not working -- and then it was). We will leave earlyish tomorrow to hike near Carmel and then attend a wedding on the coast. We'll stay in a little cottage overnight, have Sunday morning to ourselves, and then home, then back to work.

I need to set reasonable expectations for myself: i can't dig out from two weeks of work-and-only-work all today. (The shock of the reorg -- good news, but still disruptive -- ate into flexible time before the intense week of planning.)

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