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Friday was intense. It began with four hours talking with New Manager (verdict: OMG this is great, i am so relieved and happy, members of the team were awed that he was so reasonable) (Does it say something about New Director's dysfunction that the team is awed that he is reasonable and the office manager was delighted he managed to return the guest card key?), lunch saying goodbye to my old Tech Lead, then an little outing to relax together at the near by driving range and bay trail.

I came home and edited photos, setting the theme for the weekend: photos, photos, photos. None of my photos from the walk were particularly exciting. We had watched kite boarders for a bit and i tried a few shots.

San Mateo Kitboarding

That evening i went to the native plant keying group with my eBay'ed dissection kit.


From Saturday Morning

Random observation: Lightroom 5 is an order of magnitude larger in file size than Lightroom 3.

I noted that my laptop hadn't been restarted in two weeks and did so. A notice popped up that some software i never use had difficulty initializing, so i headed to the Applications directory. An hour or so later i've gone through and swept out or updated a dozen applications.


2013 Harvest Festival

After puttering, i was off to take morning photos of our Meeting's harvest festival for the next year's publicity. Then home to edit. Christine was blue in the morning; she ordered a refill of a prescription late and has a gap. We had a pleasant several hours together on the deck, and then i was back to the festival. I had volunteered for a shift for the first time -- and scheduled that over a late lunch with at friend.

2013 Harvest Festival

I did have a surprise in that my three peppers -- two hot, one sweet -- "won" "most beautiful" in our inaugural produce contest. "Won" as the voting was with change, and there's not much discernment going on. Nonetheless, it was a rush. And Christine is terribly proud and must get a photo of me with the ribbon.


Then i participated in clean up, finding a new favorite packing job, and then then, with the younger men of meeting, loaded the tables -- sawhorses and doors -- into the truck. I kept the lumber aligned with my center of mass, and i'm delighted to find that i am not terribly sore after such a good work out.

Sunday, instead of worship, i spent time with the middle school and elementary school joint class. Oy, i am so shy. It was a very draining hour, but it's the first hump. Maybe next time i won't be so drained.

Home, and Christine wanted to go out to lunch, so we went to our favorite diner-like spot and had a pleasant meal and planned our meals for the week. Then off to the grocery, which was crowded with spill over from the Beyond Wonderland rave being held at the local amphitheater. (We heard the beat all weekend.)

ViolaMiniature rose

All afternoon i photographed details of flowers with the x10 magnifying lens and with the additional macro lens that came with the wide angle kit. When the camera flashed its overheated warning -- the first time i've ever seen it -- i went inside and edited for a while. I continued editing into the evening.

The diffuser box is great. Christine is delighted with these images. I feel like i am still learning a vocabulary of edits and settings and tools. The pea flower i had on my dissection table was so small, so hard to handle! I know i don't have all the study images i would have liked.

Must get to a meeting.

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