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If you're looking for a Indiegogo farming and conservation cause, you might consider http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/free-the-farm . I know this friend from a few Quaker gatherings -- she's not a Quaker but deeply committed to her faith. She's had a rough time of ups and downs, but she's still deeply committed to the land she stewards. There's a $75 handspun yarn reward and a $100 gift tote....


I feel terribly stressed today, tension all through me. My technical lead came back from five weeks of leave and resigned. I don't think anyone was surprised except, apparently, my body.


"Watch Out for the Harvest Moon"

I read this headline as a warning not advice. Last night, driving home, i saw it hanging on the horizon, huge and awesome.

I'd set a satellite pass-over alert earlier in the day in a moment of thinking about not-work, and it went off during twilight. I stood on my deck and admired Venus and Saturn to the west, watched planes as they went to and from the three local national airports and countless smaller airports, and then i saw Tiangong-1 passing over high in the sky.

I should probably experiment with some twilight sky photography.

A snowy egret was perched at the outfall as i left work. Still mostly mallards, gulls, and coots: no flyway visitors yet.

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